The Nigerian woman can best be described as a woman of high integrity, morals, intellect and values, this could be seen when the western world invaded the Nigerian nation. The Nigerian woman is filled with life and care; this could be seen in the manner in which they take care of their children and entire household prior to the coming of colonial masters to Nigeria. The Nigerian woman has been industrious and economically viable, to this end; they have engaged themselves in meaningful and positive business ventures. Furthermore, the Nigerian women in Greece also possess the esteem qualities, as they have brought pride and glory not only to their fatherland but to the Greek community.

Our being assembled in Greece was occasioned and predicated upon the fact to seek ideas, education and values of other nation. So in the olden days, the Nigerian women found in Greece were mainly students on scholarships or otherwise but today, majority of the Nigerian women have come to unite with their husbands after man y years apart due to the inability of their husbands to visit home frequently over delay of resident permits. While here, they engage themselves in either living-in jobs or in the same business with their husbands-hawking or better still remain indoors as permanent housewives.

The idea of us coming together came after attending meeting with other immigrant women especially the African women meeting. The very few of us that are involved in the African women organization felt it was high time the Nigerian women come together in common voice to form an organization of their own, principally to take care of itself, children, to support their husbands and to join the rest immigrant women in fighting for our rights and that of our children in Greece. To this end, the Nigerian women organization was formed on the 1st of June, 2005 with motto as UNITY IS STRENGTH


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